Providing Pediatric and Adolescent Speech and Language Therapy in our office or your child's private school.


Our Speech Pathologists

                     diagnose and treat delays/disorders of :                                   

  • Articulation-the production of speech sounds; the intelligibility of speech.
  • ​Receptive Language-the comprehension of spoken language.
  •  Expressive Language-the verbal expression of language. The ability of the child to use correct vocabulary and grammar to express their needs and feelings, to describe, and   relate or seek information.
  • Auditory Processing-the ability to analyze or make sense of auditory information.  Areas of difficulty due to  auditory processing deficits might include  recognizing and  discriminating between  sounds, auditory  memory, or information retrieval difficulty .

  • Written Language- The ability to use correct sentence structure, answer questions, give good verbal descriptions, sequence a story, use age-level vocabulary including antonyms, synonyms, adjectives.
  •  Pragmatics-the ability to use expressive  language in a socially correct manner.
  •  Fluency-the flow of speech including rate and rhythm. Stuttering is the condition in which the flow of speech is interrupted  by abnormal stoppages, repetitions, or prolonging sounds and syllables.
  •  Feeding Disorders -occur when a individual has oral sensitivity problems,  poor oral coordination or reduced oral muscular strength.
  • Voice-the quality of sound during voicing. A clear, healthy voice shows no signs of hoarseness or nasality, and exhibits a loudness level appropriate for the speaking situation.