"We really appreciate all That you have done to help our son prepare this summer for third grade. You have built him up so much and helped him understand that we all learn differently."

"Jacob has come so far in the short amount of time you have worked with him. We are so thankful for your amazing ability to get results."

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  • A screening program available for preschools, day care facilities and private schools.

-Lori Tinney has been a Speech Pathologist for over 25 years. A summa cum laude graduate of Northwestern University, Lori has been a practicing  clinician in pediatric children's hospitals, elementary and preschools and has an extensive background in working with children with developmental disabilities.

-Our team of therapists each possess a MS/MA Degree in the field of Communication Disorders and are licensed by the State of Florida.

Speech-LANGUAGE Therapy Services

Lori Tinney, MA,CCC-SLp

Owner/Director of Clinical Services

¨  About  eight percent of American school aged  children have difficulty using language  

Effectively. These difficulties  create problems not just with speaking but also with reading and writing ."

    -National Institute on Communication disorders

"Our therapist was wonderful with my daughter. I can't say enough about how caring and amazing she is."

" The mission of North Naples Speech and Language Services, Inc. is to help children communicate and express themselves while supplying  parents and teachers with the tools to help facilitate carry over of learned skills into their natural environment."

Providing Pediatric and Adolescent Speech and Language Therapy in our office or your child's private school.

Speech and language development is one of the most critical school readiness skills

¨ Communication disorders affect approximately 46  million  Americans."

-  National Speech-Language-Hearing Association


"At North Naples Speech and Language Services Inc., we believe that each child needs to possess the tools for effective communication.  Effective communication is essential in a child's ability to develop friendships, solve problems, seek information, and express their feelings, wants and needs. The use of competent speech and language skills influence a child's success in academics as well as interpersonal relationships."

Lori Tinney, MA, CCC-SLP

Owner/Director of Clinical Services

North Naples Speech and Language Services, Inc.

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